Valery Khadeev: Planter

Eye Sea Gallery

Planter (fr. vason from Italian vaso – “vase”, “vessel”, “pot”, “bowl”) is a decorative element in architecture, architectural interior design and in garden and park art, a type of small architectural form. Unlike a vase, it is not a dish and does not have any utilitarian function, but only a decorative one, therefore, in an artistic sense, it is not an object of decorative-utility, but decorative and monumental-decorative art.

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Valery Khadeev says:

In February 2022, when the invasion took place and full-scale war began, during my forays outside to the store and pharmacy, my attention was drawn to small structures on the streets. Before that, I never paid attention to them. With the arrival of spring, they began to gradually change and I noticed it. Against the background of the events in the city at that time, of course, the restoration of concrete flower beds was a barely noticeable phenomenon. Many people were leaving, sirens, rockets, aircraft arriving, cannonade not too far away, empty store shelves. And here are some pots. They are restoring. Who knows what.
What an absurdity.
I suddenly noticed that they are different, well-groomed, they have some life. Impressive.
I never saw who planted those marigolds and when they changed the soil in these inconspicuous pots. But, as it turned out, such a phenomenon exists, it exists, it is looked after and it lives. Never noticed.

These works are documentation of invisible things that are truly under our feet. These things are able to survive where no one thought they would.

December 1 to 14, 2023.