Christmas Exhibition: Protective Charm

Eye Sea Gallery

On the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays, we open an exhibition that not only rethinks traditional household items, but also gives them a new, sacred and artistic meaning.

Each item in this exhibition combines traditional elements with modern ideas. Each work has its own unique symbolism, perceiving Christmas time as a special period of warmth and mutual understanding. The objects reveal a modern take on traditional winter pastimes and symbols. Dishware, candlesticks, photos and other objects are transformed into artifacts that reflect interest and respect for traditional symbols, the intention to protect.

Traditions change, but they do not lose their value. The exhibition builds a bridge between the old and the new. Each object gives us the opportunity to rethink the meaning of holiday traditions and find a deeper meaning in ordinary things.


  • Anastasia Astafieva
  • Oleg Semak
  • Veronika Mol
  • Ksenia Gladushevska
  • Ihor Kurinnyi
  • Maria Shostakowska

From December 16, 2023 till January 7, 2024.