Andriy Bludov: Exhibition of one painting

Eye Sea Gallery

Everything visible is just an illusion. Moreover, the basic illusion is “anthropological”. Only the chosen can see the contours of real existence. Buddhist monks wandering around the courtyards of monasteries happen to be in constant “Brownian motion”. Allegedly, they perform a ritual of disappearing from our view, hiding in the void. Dissolving into the void, which is believed to be the beginning of everything, is their main mission in their life. And movement symbolizes aimless and endless samsara – the cycle of existence.

We are honoured to present the Exhibition of one painting by Andriy Bludov from the “Tibetan Diary” series in our gallery.

From January 12 till February 6, 2024.

Andriy Bludov is a Ukrainian painter and graphic artist, one of the most prominent Ukrainian artists of our time. Born in 1962 in the Far East of the USSR. In 1982, he graduated from the Kyiv Art and Industrial Technical School, and in 1990 from the graphic faculty of the Kyiv State Art Institute. Since 1988, he participated in art exhibitions. In 1990, he became a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine and a teacher at NAOMA. In 2018 he has gained a title of the honoured artist of Ukraine.

Andriy’s personal exhibitions were held not only in Ukraine, but also in Zurich, Baden, Utrecht, Grenoble and other cities all over the world. His works are in collections of several Ukrainian museums, as well as in galleries and private collections in Switzerland, Belgium, the USA, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Spain. Bludov is a laureate of many Ukrainian and international awards.

Андрій Блудов

Andriy Bludov’s work is characterized by a combination of different styles and techniques, in particular, the overlay of painting and printing techniques. In his works, you can see features of mythology, avant-garde, and surrealism in combination with abstract fragments and patterns that echo on the canvas.