Services for Artists

Revamp your artistic journey with Eye Sea Gallery!

At Eye Sea Gallery, we believe in the power of emerging artists to shape the future of art. We’re committed to providing a platform for your creative vision to flourish, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to empower you and propel your artistic career.

Exhibition Opportunities

  • Group Exhibitions: Showcase your work in our gallery space, reaching a dedicated audience of collectors and art enthusiasts. We do not accept applications for solo exhibitions, however our group exhibitions are open to diverse artistic voices and mediums.
  • Curatorial Collaboration: Work closely with our curatorial team to develop compelling exhibitions that showcase your work in its best light. We provide guidance on concept development, installation, and marketing, ensuring your exhibition resonates with the audience.
  • Artist Talks & Events: Engage with the art community and build your audience through artist talks, studio visits, and panel discussions hosted at the gallery. Share your creative process, connect with potential collaborators, and gain valuable exposure.

Professional Development & Support

  • Mentorship: Hone your skills and expand your knowledge with our insightful mentorship program. Learn from renowned artists, industry professionals, and curators, acquiring new techniques and developing your artistic voice.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow artists, curators, and collectors, at exclusive events hosted by the gallery. Build valuable relationships within the art community and explore potential collaborations.
  • Portfolio Reviews: Receive personalized feedback and guidance from our curatorial team through a portfolio review. Gain valuable insights into your artistic practice, market trends, and strategies for success.
  • Grant Writing: Secure funding for your artistic projects. We can help you find the most relevant grant programs for each individual case and provide you with personalized guidance and support throughout the grant writing process.
  • Art Residency: Delve into a transformative creative experience with our residency program (coming soon!). It provides a dedicated space and a vibrant community to focus on your art, experiment with new ideas, and propel your artistic journey forward.

Art Sales & Promotion

  • Gallery Representation: Join our roster of talented artists and gain access to our established network of collectors and industry professionals. We actively promote your work through exhibitions, online platforms, and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Art Sales & Commission Support: Navigate the art market with confidence. We handle art sales transactions and international shipping, negotiate commissions, and provide guidance on pricing and marketing strategies, ensuring fair compensation for your work.
  • Marketing Assistance: Focus on making art and leave the marketing routine to us. We offer marketing assistance to help you build your online presence and reach your target audience.

At Eye Sea Gallery, we’re more than just an exhibition space; we’re your artistic partner. We’re dedicated to supporting your artistic journey, providing the resources, guidance, and opportunities you need to thrive.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you take your artistic career to the next level.