Clockwork Orange by SOCIA

Eye Sea Gallery

The “Clockwork Orange” is a reinterpretation of the novel of the same name by Anthony Burgess and the film by Stanley Kubrick. It is an attempt to create an interpretation of ultra-violence, which is not only on a physical but also on a psychological level.

The exhibition opens a complex labyrinth of visual symbols to the viewer. Orange forms pierced by black musical lines embody the dissonance between control and liberation, inviting the viewer to look at it from a new angle of the forms and shades of the works. Chaotic patterns intertwined with abstract elements create a tangled labyrinth where aggression and beauty collide in endless contradiction.

Each work in the exhibition “Clockwork Orange” is an attempt to reveal the inner struggle of the human soul. It invites us to dive into the depths of our own feelings and experience borderline emotional states that range from violence to calm, from confidence to uncertainty. These contrasting shades create a mosaic of our modernity. The feelings of aggression and peace, confidence and insecurity, shyness and impudence are collected in these works.

July 7 to 31, 2023.

SOCIA "Clockwork Orange"

SOCIA group consists of Artur and Ihor Spassky. Their main goal is to rethink street art. Post-graffiti artists reveal social, aesthetic and reflective statements not only on walls and trains, but also in abstract painting.
Artists choose aerosol paint as a medium consciously. Like music, it begins its existence in the air. SOCIA explores the nature of sound, turning it into a cloud of colour.