Wolf Cloud by Olga Lisovska

One day she met a wolf. Wolves began to happen to her in the store, in the city, even at home. What do they want? What will come of it?

The wolf gnaws something at you every day, but at first it is not clear where you end and where it begins, and how it is to live without feeling his presence all the time. And if you can get rid of it, what will be left?

Olga Lisovska has been living with clinical depression for more than 10 years. Finally, she decided that talking about it was a good idea. When you say the name of the wolf out loud, it doesn’t seem so scary.

Olga Lisovska is a Ukrainian artist and illustrator. Before the full-scale war, she lived and worked in Kharkiv, now she lives in Kyiv. In 2013, she graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Faculty of Graphics. She really fell in love with graphics, so she still continues to practice various types of it. Also engaged in hand embroidery and film photography. She participated in group and personal exhibitions in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

June 15-22, 2023.