Instant photography, with its iconic Polaroid images at the forefront, holds a unique and cherished place in the history of visual art. The upcoming exhibition aims to explore the enduring allure of these evocative and ephemeral images, which capture the essence of a fleeting moment and preserve it in a tangible, tactile form. The immediacy of instant photography, often perceived as a precursor to the digital age’s instant gratification, offers a rare blend of intimacy, nostalgia, and raw emotion. This exhibition delves into the intrinsic value of Polaroid and other instant photography types, highlighting their ability to encapsulate a genuine sense of time and place, while also emphasizing the artistry and skill required to create these captivating snapshots.

Instant Photography Exhibition

As visitors immerse themselves in this collection, they will not only gain a deeper appreciation for the medium’s technical and aesthetic qualities but also be reminded of the evanescent nature of our memories and the powerful role that photographs play in preserving them.

Participating Photographers

  • Valeria Pustovit
  • Natalia Filatova
  • Veronika Mol
  • Oleksander Malyy
  • Ally Fane & Tony Kenguru
  • Liza Kirr
  • Sebastian Hartmann

May 12 to 29, 2023.