Eastern Gothics by DPDR

“Eastern Gothic” is a series of film photographs taken in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and the steppes of the Donetsk region. They are all about black and white, noise, and movement. The artist uses this language as a result of his experiences with derealization – in fact, his pseudonym DPDR stands for depersonalization/derealization.

Simultaneously blurry and hyper-contrasted, the images feature shades of gray, with familiar objects appearing new and bearing new associations. Letters are no longer letters, faces are no longer faces. He spent a considerable amount of time searching for a way to convey these feelings through photography, to show ordinary objects from a different perspective.

DPDR: Східна готика

Photography as a medium is a logical continuation of observing people on the streets. The artist has always found this fascinating. The exhibition invites you to experience these captivating works that challenge our perceptions, urging us to see the world around us through a new lens.