Ksenia Gladushevska Takes Part at the Ukrainian Creators Fair in New York

The “i am u are — Ukrainian Creators Fair” is a vibrant platform that showcases the creativity and resilience of Ukrainian artists and brands. The platform launch took place in New York at the heart of NYC, Skylight at Essex Crossing.

Ksenia Gladushevska, a founder of the Eye Sea Gallery, is also a renowned ceramic artist. Among a dozen of Ukrainian participants, Ksenia Gladushevska has made a significant impact with her unique contributions.

Ksenia is known for her innovative approach to ceramics, transforming the traditional art form into a contemporary expression of creativity.

For the event, Ksenia presented five ceramic sculptures, Molotov Cocktails. These artworks were not just pieces of art but also embodied the endurance of Ukrainians amid challenging times. They were created after a Russian invasion in 2014, under conditions of ambivalence and uncertainty, symbolizing the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian spirit.

Gladushevska’s participation in the “i am u are — Ukrainian Creators Fair” was highlighted in the Vogue magazine.