Oleksander Grebenyuk: Fragile Things

Eye Sea Gallery

In his new series of oil paintings “Fragile Things,” Oleksandr Hrebenyuk invites us to look at everyday objects from a new perspective. Through the prism of his masterful canvases, we discover the extraordinary beauty hidden in the simple things that surround us every day. From a cup of filter coffee and marshmallows on a napkin to an old camera and the artist’s personal roller, each painting is a testament to Oleksander’s ability to find magic in the mundane.

The precise yet fluid strokes on the small works reproduce the essence and character of each object with extraordinary poignancy. The skillfully conveyed interplay of light and shadow lends each painting a sense of depth and presence.

Олександр Гребенюк

However, beyond the technical mastery of these small oil studies, these works serve as a reminder of the importance of cherishing the little things that enrich our lives. In a world where everything happens at breakneck speed, Oleksander Grebenyuk’s series of works “Fragile Things” invites us to stop, reflect, and find joy in the familiar everyday. If we allow ourselves to immerse ourselves in the intimate world created by the artist, we can feel the nostalgia and light of the countless little things that shape our lives.

In a society increasingly focused on the grandiose and extraordinary, Oleksander’s paintings serve as a subtle yet powerful reminder that true beauty often lies in the simplest everyday things. This exhibition is a celebration of this beauty, a tribute to the ordinary that becomes extraordinary through the gaze of a talented artist.

The exhibition at the Eye Sea Gallery runs from March 15 to April 2, 2024.

If you are interested in purchasing the artworks, feel free to contact the gallery.