Immortal by Alexander Priymak

Eye Sea Gallery

What does a person look like during mental disintegration? How do they visualize their thoughts? Is it possible to see something beautiful even in the darkness during this period? These questions are explored by Alexander Priymak, who has been creating the Immortal collection of works over the past three years.

The Immortal collection embodies the inner state of a person during mental disintegration – visualizing their sensations, thoughts, and emotions. At first glance, the works may appear repelling with their dark shades, but as you examine them more closely, you begin to feel a sense of comfort, safety, and warmth.

In each piece, Alexander Priymak has imbued his years of experience observing his mental state in great detail. What you will see is a distillation of this experience, presented through paintings and animations.

“A stable mental state during peacetime is the foundation for a happy life. During wartime, it becomes a vital element,” says Alexander.

The Immortal collection was previously exhibited at the Web3 NYC Gallery in New York City (November 2022).